10 Songs to Include in Your Workout Playlist

10 Songs to Include in Your Workout Playlist

Music is absolutely one of the ways to make your workouts more enjoyable. It is the go-to means of getting through workouts. It doesn’t just help to make your workouts less of a drudgery, it can go further to provide you some energy and zeal to workout. You can bear testament to the fact that with the right choice of music, you can get a lot of push for your workouts. It is why I have decided to write about 10 songs to include in your workout playlist. For those using apple music, I have also included links to the songs below.

Let’s jump right into it.

  1. Level up- Ciara

The title says it all. Ciara’s ‘level up’ is a very fast paced song and is perfect for workouts. What better way is there to get pumped up for a workout than by listening to a song which tell you to level up.

  1. Godzilla- Eminem

Slim Shady’s typical hard bars and high tempo beats would make many of his songs shoo-ins for a list of songs to include in a workout playlist. Off his latest album “music to be murdered by”, Eminem in conjunction with the late Juice World delivered this gym-worthy beauty of a song. Like you’d expect from the god of rap and one of the most promising rap stars of recent years, there are killer lyrics you may want to pay attention to outside the gym too.

  1. Lose Yourself- Eminem

Eminem shows up again on the list. This time he needed no help to serve us what many would agree is one of his best ever songs. The song gets you hyped and motivated. It makes you want to lose yourself to the workout in the gym.

  1. Till I die- MGK
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This particular song is all about the beat for me. The lyrics however also evoke   strong passion for workouts. You want to be on this song during a failure set in the gym. It’s the kind of song that’ll make you feel like you could lift the whole world. No one is going to stop you from getting that body. You’ll be on it till you die (maybe not exactly, but that’s the spirit).

  1. ‘Till I collapse- Eminem

Okay, I promise this rounds up the Eminem show. Off his 2002 album titled ‘The Eminem Show’ (haha… noticed what I did there?), Eminem delivers this song featuring Nate Dogg. A part of the song goes this way; “when you feel weak you feel like you want to just give up, but you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength”. That’s exactly what this song does; it helps you find that inner strength.

  1. Imaginate- KSHMR & Dzeko & Torres

What would a list of workout songs be like without an EDM?

This song is especially perfect for a group workout session. As an Electronic dance music, known alternatively as DANCE MUSIC, this song fits particularly for a dance workout.

  1. Under Control- Calvin Harris

This is another EDM that makes you want to work out. The song gets you up every time and gives some motivation to help you get through your workout.

  1. Pump up the Jam- Technotronic

This 1989 song is also good for a group workout session or for exercises where you need to do a lot of repetitions. You can do a dance workout session with this song too. Whatever form of workout it is, you never go wrong with this song.

  1. Jagaban- Ycee
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The only Nigerian song on this list (There had to be one from Nigeria. You should have seen this coming); this song is a good one to sweat to. Aside from the great beat employed, Ycee (pronounced YC) also delivers some heavy punchlines you may take note of while listening to this club banger (it helps if you understand a bit of Yoruba). It’s one you definitely want lined up for your workouts.

  1. UP LIKE an insomniac (freestyle)- XXXTENTACION

This freestyle by X was my first favorite of the Ghetto Christmas Carol project. He deviated a little bit from the usual sad and depressed songs which he was well known for. You sure want to add this one to your workout playlist.


There you have it, my 10 songs suggestions for your workout playlist. The importance of music cannot be overemphasized when it comes to workouts. They provide you the drive with which you can get more out of your workouts.

These songs above are ones you may want to check out for the next time you work out.

Which songs do you have on your current workout playlist that haven’t been mentioned and you think we should absolutely check out? Comment below!

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