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The fitness notebook is a health and fitness platform which enlightens and educates people on how to achieve optimal fitness and health. Our goal is to help you get to wherever you want to be physically and help you look good naked while doing it in the most relatable way possible. If you wish to get started on being transformed to the best version of yourself physically and even mentally, we are your go-to blog

We have a monthly workout program

If you wish to build an impressive body at home by doing just body-weight exercises, sometimes combined with light improvised weights, we’ve got you. Every month, we have for you a workout program that runs for the entirety of the month with rest days included. We also keep you accountable by sending personalized messages to ensure you don’t throw in the towel.
It’s completely free. Just fill the form below to sign in to the program.

You can check your BMI

Check out our blog occasionally to find out what your body mass index is and what it says about your health. We will also tell you what you need to do to rectify the situation (if it’s not ideal) and become the best you can be. It’s important to eliminate any threat(s)to your good health.

Why Choose Us?

We offer services that help you get in shape and keep you in good health. All you need to do is visit the blog from time to time to avail yourself to all our services.
Through our BMI service, we help you do a quick assessment of your health and educate you on your health status.
We give daily fitness tips on our twitter and we make them as relatable as possible.
It’s usually a struggle (to get fit), but we’re here to walk the whole journey with you. For your fitness and health, always choose us.

Gym 95%
Yoga 90%
Body Building 95%
Swimming 80%