The Reasons Why You are Not Gaining Muscles the Way You’d Like

I started bodybuilding in January of 2016 (my second year in the University) with a pair of pretty light concrete dumbbells (which I found quite heavy at the time) and all I wanted to do was lift them every time I had enough fuel in my tank. I did grow bigger arms (I mean, I […]

Six Bodybuilding Advices for a Beginner

For me, bodybuilding has mostly been a trial and error thing, and that’s not necessarily been a bad thing because I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes. It’d however have been a whole lot easier if I knew some truths and didn’t have to make some of those mistakes. I feel the responsibility to share […]

Vincent Gironda – The Man Who Messed Arnold Schwarzenegger Up

If someone’s got the balls to suggest that the great Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing something wrong bodybuilding-wise, its either because they’re ignorant and they just don’t know it yet or because they are a force to be reckoned with in the bodybuilding world themselves. Vincent Anselm Gironda was the latter. Arnold Schwarzenegger would later go […]