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Simple ways to stay fit if you’re super busy

Being fit and healthy is something that shouldn’t be compromised on. Due to tight schedules and the tiring hustles and bustles of the day, not everyone has the time to go in the gym everyday and put in two hours of hard work, but that’s not an excuse to live an unhealthy lifestyle. This article […]

how to gain weight in a healthy way


“and what about those that need to add weight?” Those were the words of a former schoolmate of mine after seeing my tweet about how to achieve weight loss for the umpteenth time. I have written articles on how to lose weight, how to stay committed to your weight loss plans and other related topics. […]

How to Improve Your Posture Naturally- Standing and Walking

Posture is the position in which a person holds his/her body while they stand, sit, lie, or walk. A good posture aims at putting little to no strain on the muscles and ligaments while in a stationary position or while moving. Having a good posture helps you feel better and more confident, and hence, more […]

Why You Should Walk 10,000 Steps Daily

On twitter, I follow a bunch of fitness trainers and enthusiasts and I gain immensely from their pool of knowledge. However, there are a few things that I see on there that just seem to bother me a bit. One of them is the popular advice of taking 10,000 steps daily. Some even include it […]

Overhydration: Possibility, Signs and Dangers of Drinking Too Much Water

Just in case you’re wondering, there’s actually something such as ‘DRINKING TOO MUCH WATER’. As hard as it may be to accept, it’s possible to OVER-HYDRATE. Yes, water is essential to life. Yes, water is probably the best choice for hydration and weight management. It has no calories and doesn’t contain added sugars. It seems […]

Benefits of Bananas – 7 Reasons to Eat One Banana Daily

Bananas are one of the most popular and easily available fruits (even though they’re botanically classified as herbs too). They are filled with so many nutrients and come with a lot of benefits that you’d be tempted to think they should be expensive, but guess what? They’re one of the cheapest fruits around. Lucky us. […]

How Your Body Mass Index Affects Your Health

A long list of things affects our health and right at the top of that list is our weight. The body mass index takes this (weight) into account in the bid to determine how healthy we are. Body Mass Index (BMI in short) shows whether a person’s weight is commensurate to their height. BMI is […]