How the Most Depressing Truth About Bodybuilding May Also Be the Most Rewarding

At every chance I get, I talk about how consistency is the most important ingredient of bodybuilding. This is because just like most good things, transforming your body to what you would consider ‘impressive’ takes time and a reasonable level of commitment. Bodybuilding is a never-ending process that requires a high level of consistency, and this can be a frustrating thing at times. but perhaps, it could also turn out to be the most rewarding thing.

‘there’s beauty in the struggle’- J.Cole.

Within the most annoying bodybuilding reality also lies probably the most beneficial thing about bodybuilding.

the most depressing thing about bodybuilding, the most rewarding thing about bodybuilding, consistency
the hard work is rewarding

Is This an Unfair Reality?

the most depressing thing about bodybuilding
if you rest on your laurels you start to regress, work harder!

Sometimes it just seems unfair that you have to keep going even after you may have reached your body goal. You are allowed brief moments of respite, but ultimately, there is no way you’re completely let off the hook if you want to maintain your amazing body for as long as you want. The journey has no destination. It is why I am an advocate of ENJOYING the process of sculpting your ideal body. Anything less than this is setting yourself up for occasional frustration.

This level of consistency required to keep you in top shape is enough to prevent many people from going through with their bodybuilding plans. The fear of having to start from the scratch again after a long time off is something to consider. As we mostly know, when you stop putting in the work- even though the shadow may still remain for when you pick it up again, you stop looking as good. It’s the bodybuilding ‘curse’.

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Perhaps It’s A Blessing in Disguise?

the most rewarding thing about bodybuilding
the reward of doing the hard work goes beyond the physical

The dreaded ‘curse’ of bodybuilding could actually prove to be the most rewarding thing about bodybuilding if we could adjust to the bitter truth of having to keep at the hard work.

Bodybuilding aims at turning you into your best self physically, but somehow, it extends into moulding someone with immense mental strength. It teaches perseverance, discipline, and reveals the benefits of daring to do more. Bodybuilding requires that you always push your limits.

Progressively increasing your weight so that you can continue to grow muscle and get stronger teaches you the need for constant improvement in order to prevent stagnation and ultimately, regression.

There is a risk associated with putting in all the commitment and resources required of you to reach your body goals. This is because you’re going all out for what you want without the assurance of when it’ll materialize while trusting yourself not to make the investments a waste. Going hard in the gym with consistency builds the discipline, willpower and the self-belief needed to go after other worthwhile things in your life aside bodybuilding.

Take Away

As you must have found out already if you have worked out for a while before, bodybuilding doesn’t let you have your cake and eat it also. You do the work for every progress you want to see for as long as you want to keep seeing it. Now, even though this might seem a little harsh, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an unfavorable thing to contend with. It could be the most rewarding thing about bodybuilding if you embrace it.

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The progressive overload employed in lifting to raise your physical limits has a way of making you realize the importance of taking charge of your reality. This along with employing a lot of variations in order to trigger muscle growth also makes you understand the need to constantly evolve and improve in order to continue to bring about positive changes in your lives.

Building your body affects your mental as much as your physical. Remember this whenever you feel like taking the short road instead of doing the hard work.

Now you have to decide if it’s worth it to regularly have to be on your toes in order to become not just a physical specimen, but also a mentality giant. I’d say it’s perfectly worth it. You’d be giving yourself a chance at something magical.

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    Consistency is the key to everything. Thanks for taking time to clear this out.

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