How to Commit to a Weight Loss Plan Without Backsliding

Sometime ago, I wrote an article titled “why your weight loss plans will fail”. The article touched on factors (mindsets) that doom people’s weight loss plan(s) before they even get off the mark. Many of the factors highlighted were states of mind that make it hard to commit to a weight loss plan (especially when the going gets hard).

This article on the other hand is about the right mindsets to have in order to stand a chance of reaching your weight loss goal without retrogressing. These mindsets make it easier for people to form a culture consisting of healthy habits. Committing to a weight loss plan is something a lot of people struggle with. Most feel like they really can’t control it. However, to a large extent, from my experience, some practicable tips will help you to stay true to your goal in the long run.

I will share a few of those with you.

Don’t attempt to go from zero to hundred

This might be the most common cause of people backsliding. Attempting to cut off all weight gain inducing foods or to drop all unhealthy eating habits all at once can be counterproductive. Same with trying to burn off all your fat by doing exercises (or doing them with a too-high intensity) you have no business doing at your ‘level’. It is important that one gradually and slowly but steadily adopt a healthy eating and exercise habit. It is more sustainable to go about it this way.

Seeing your weight loss transformation as a lifestyle rather than as a journey that’s supposed to have a destination is very key. When you see it this way, you build a culture around the good and healthy habits that you must have adopted, and you almost naturally stick to them in other to maintain your weight even after reaching your weight loss goals. Seeing it as a journey with a destination may push you to want to reach this destination too quickly. Now, the problem with seeing it this way is instead of building a culture of healthy habits, it would just be a bunch of acts (that not deep rooted) that you are going to drop as soon as you reach your goals, and before you know it, you’re back where you started.

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Also, looking for drastic changes may make you want to “reward” yourself by overindulging yourself in unhealthy habits after seeing these drastic changes you worked for, and before you know it, you’re back on the internet looking up “how to commit to a weight loss plan without back-sliding”.

Have a diet that is not too restrictive

If your weight loss diet doesn’t allow for a once-in-a-while pizza or fruit drink, quit it. Having a diet that is too restrictive is boring, and you don’t have to be boring to lose weight. When a cheat food is planned for or accommodated in one’s diet plans, the whole weight loss journey will not seem like a drudgery or an obligation. You will be in control and there will be no need to throw it all out the window at any point. Do not be too restrictive with your diet. In the long run, it may prove to be a limiting factor in a bid to commit to your weight loss plan.

Always leave some energy in the tank while exercising (don’t exercise till failure)

Exercising to failure means working out till a point where you cannot exercise anymore. Lifting weights till failure too frequently can be counter-productive. It could lead to illness and even injuries which further lays one off from exercising. Being away from the gym for too long is retrogression and another recipe for eventually throwing in the towel. If you don’t want to run the risk of your weight loss plan falling through due to your inability to commit, then know that it is better to always have some energy in the tank after your last rep of an exercise. It leaves you less likely to get fatigued or worn out and gives you chances of completing more sets and ultimately having a good workout time in the gym.


Understand that there will be difficult times and don’t take them as a sign/ cue to give up when they come

You definitely have to keep this at the back of your mind if you want to be able to commit to your weight loss plan for as long as necessary. There will surely be hard times that threaten to derail you. They include sickness, being busy with work, lack of motivation, personal problems, and many more. You must recognize that they are a part of the process and they are not a sign of how you are incapable of achieving your dream of having a healthy weight. Accepting that hard times will come makes it easier to get back up after enduring tough times.

Have a workout partner with the same goal

I think the idea behind this is pretty obvious. Having a workout partner with the same goal of weight loss can be really good in helping you stay on track. The other person’s progress and dedication keeps you on your toes.
Having a little healthy competition between the two of you on foods or unhealthy eating habits you’re able to give up could also go a long way.

In all, you’re able to keep going even when the going gets tough for you. Who knows, you may even thoroughly enjoy the process. It’s amazing what we’re sometimes able to achieve when we have people by our side with the same goal.

Wrap Up

As much as a big percentage of committing to a weight loss plan has to do mainly with discipline and how strong one’s resolve to live a healthier life is, these pointers (mindsets) can make it easier to not fall off track if adhered to.

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Also, don’t forget, these things don’t work by reading them. You have to practice them to reap the rewards. Good luck.

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