How To Make Your Workouts More Fun, or At Least More Bearable

Working out is not exactly fun for any of us (tearing down cells in your body and having to endure pain shouldn’t be). However, there are a few things that can make it a lot more bearable (if not fun), can keep you motivated and ultimately make the workout a rewarding one. You can make your workouts exciting and something to look forward to by incorporating any of the following things.

Keep it short

Keeping your workouts short but intense by incorporating a lot of compound movements can keep you from being burned out at the end of your workout and would help you complete the workout in a short time. When you work out this way, it is less of a drudgery and your spirits are high for the entire duration of the workout.

Work out to some music

Music is a great way to make almost any activity more fun. Working out to music is another way to make your workouts more interesting. It is very common for people to work out or go for runs with their headsets plugged in. This is good as it helps to provide some form of respite during workouts as it may help take your mind away from the stress your muscles are going through during the workouts.

Have workout partner(s)

Having a partner who is just as motivated or more motivated than you can make workout quite demanding but ultimately more eventful. Someone to talk to and makes jokes with at intervals would also be a good thing to have. The person acting as a spotter in the gym would also make you feel more comfortable doing some kinds of exercises you wouldn’t be okay doing ordinarily. All of these spice up your relationship.

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Vary exercises and intensity

Variety they say, is the spice of life. Doing a variety of exercises during your workouts could make things more interesting. You’re likely to be more motivated and interested in completing an exercise that you don’t do very frequently, even if it’s just to test yourself. Sometimes, varying the intensity of your workout (increasing or decreasing) in order to challenge yourself could work some magic. The point is to not be disinterested from doing the same thing over and again every time you go into the gym.

Be well rested

Being well rested is a very underrated aspect of bodybuilding. It keeps you refreshed, energized and motivated to work out when next it’s time to. You become very lethargic and easily tired when you are not well rested, and there’s no fun in being devoid of energy and spirits. If you want your workout to be more rewarding, you must ensure you’re well rested and not feeling any form of fatigue.

Wrap up

Working out is probably not the most enjoyable thing to do for anybody (save for maybe Ronnie Coleman). However, we all need it to stay healthy, or to look good. Whatever reason it is we work out for, it doesn’t have to be super boring or a drag. By applying one or more of the above, you can have a rewarding and pleasant experience working out.

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