How To Overcome Your Lack of motivation To Work Out

lack of motivation to work out, laziness to work out

Recently, I tweeted my bemusement at the fact that a lot of people don’t train despite the immense benefits that they stand to gain from it, and unsurprisingly, I had some reactions. From these reactions, I was able to identify one key factor preventing people from training for their dream bodies. This reason is ‘lack of motivation to work out’ or ‘laziness’.

Lack of motivation is one of the major reasons why a lot of people don’t work out. It is also why they can’t keep it up after starting. In fact, it is one of the main causes for not doing most things in life.

Laziness to work out, or to continue training stems from a lot of things. From a lack of someone to put you through and show you how to work out properly, to a lack of visible improvements from previous training sessions, to tiredness as a result of work stress. I’m certain the list is longer than that, but it doesn’t matter. What you will read in this note will provide you ways with which you can tackle most (if not all) of them.

lack of motivation to work out
lady lacking motivation to keep training
  • Strong personal resolve

A strong personal resolve is you owning up to the fact that you haven’t been consistently putting in the required work to build that impressive body you dream of and consequently making the decision (on your own) to put a stop to the laziness. Having a strong resolve is marked by a firm determination.

You know what won’t matter if you don’t firstly make a resolution to tackle all of your obstacles with great determination? You’re right, every other suggestion in this article!

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lack of motivation to workout, having a strong resolve to work out
man without a strong personal resolve to work out

What I’m communicating is that this is by far the most important factor to check in order to overcome your laziness and start putting in the work in the gym (or at home). It should also be the first.

  • Tag along with a committed partner or trainer

I have found this (working out with a partner)to be very helpful when it comes to boosting your motivation to workout, or getting more out of yourself during workouts.

I still reference my first training partner whenever people ask how bodybuilding started for me. He kept pushing me to my limits and then he’d raise those limits. I remember never missing a session with him. It was partly because I was seeing myself improve physically, but also because I badly wanted to match his motivation level.

The essence of training with a more committed partner is to get the needed push to train frequently. The consideration to guard against pulling the person back also keeps you on your toes. If you’ve got some drive in you as a result of a strong personal resolve, I’m guessing you wouldn’t want to be left behind. In the beginning, you may have to play catch up, but eventually you’d be where you need to be physically and mentally to train with that individual. Aside motivation, working out with a partner can be fun.

  • Talk to one or two close friends about your plans to be committed to building your body

Talking to a close friend about your bodybuilding plans can make it less likely to lack motivation to work out. The idea behind this is that it feels as though you’re making a promise to them. You’re more inclined to stay true to your plans when you know one or more persons expect you to (or not to). The friend(s) sometimes helps to keep you in check too by constantly asking about your progress.

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I recommend talking to friends who would hold you accountable.

  • Follow the popular rule: “don’t go three days without working out”

Some of you may have come across this rule before. It demands that you don’t skip more than two days of workouts. If you miss two days of workout, you have to then work out compulsorily on the third day. Subject yourself to this rule and hold yourself to a high level of accountability. This doesn’t exactly cure your laziness or lack of motivation to work out. However, it pushes you to work out anyway. This is something I did for a while. It works if you let it.

  • The 10 minutes rule

This is another rule that is becoming popular amongst bodybuilders. It states that whenever you’re feeling lazy to workout, you go in for just 10 minutes, after which if you still aren’t feeling like it, then you stop. Most of the time, you’d want to continue and finish with your workout routine for the day. You may want to give this a try on days when you are feeling lazy to work out.

  • Grit

This is just sheer will and it doesn’t come easily for all. It is pure discipline, and not motivation per se. This is digging deep. It requires immense discipline to work out when it’s absolutely uncomfortable to do so. With grit, you push yourself to work out because it is in your plans to do so, regardless of whether you’re low on motivation or not.

However, with a strong personal resolve, it’s something that’s absolutely possible to do.

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In conclusion

There you have it; how to overcome your lack of motivation to work out. All of the above listed may not be able to solve all the problems behind a lack of motivation to work out. Sometimes, the problem goes beyond the surface. A sick or depressed person for example would still find it almost impossible to exercise. When you’re sick or depressed, you have no reason to put any extra strain on your body. What you need is appropriate help, and not motivation.

It’s important to emphasize that without a strong personal resolve, none of the other points is capable of firing you up to train. That is the first thing you need in order to overcome your laziness to work out.

Is there any other method (one that hasn’t been mentioned in this article) by which a lack of motivation to work out can be overcome? Perhaps one you’ve used and has worked for you? Let us know about it in the comment section.


  • Timmy Turner

    July 25, 2020 @ 1:11 pm

    When I’m working out especially when I’m lifting back bell and sit up I feel some kinda chest pain. Should I ignore the pain ?

    • Desmond Taiwo

      August 18, 2020 @ 9:45 am

      No please, do not ignore this pain. Ensure you are lifting with good form. Also, hope you don’t work out in tired, very hungry, and weak states.

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