Three Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Program Won’t Work

You’ve probably been on a weight loss program before and it didn’t work for some reasons. It’s not easy getting back on something you’ve failed at before, but that’s the sign of a champion. You’ve got to get back on and burn some fat so you can be on your way to looking your best.

However, before you do this again, you should know why your plan failed before and why it may be destined to fall through again (if you’re still making same mistakes) so that you can make the appropriate changes.

  1. You don’t want the change enough

This is what I believe to be the most common reason why people’s weight loss plans fall through and don’t stand the test of time. There can only be one reason why a person who wants to lose weight would not willing to do what it takes to achieve that. He/she doesn’t want it enough!

If you desire to lose weight so ad, you would put in the effort and the time that it requires. When obstacles arise, instead of being quick to fold, you adapt.

You shouldn’t be on a weight loss program just because your best friend is on it. It’s cool to motivate and influence each other to start your weight loss journeys, but there should still be a personal resolve to shed weight that is strong enough to withstand the storms that will definitely attempt to scupper your plans.

Make sure you decide to go through with this life-changing experience only because you truly want the change. That change in mindset could make all the difference.

  1. You set a timeline for your weight loss transformation
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For some people, they really want the change. However, they’ve been misled into thinking there’s a quick fix to burning fat that they have accumulated over a period of months or years. They set a timeline for the change they’re looking for and when it doesn’t quite go the way they have projected, they get discouraged.

You should know that this journey takes months and years (the truthful ones on the internet will tell you), so setting a timeline is setting yourself up to be disappointed.

Do not be deceived, the best way to make the process as easy as possible on yourself is by making it into a lifestyle. It doesn’t help when you have a plan to get out at a set time in your head. Your change may not come as quickly as you’ve envisaged. You should make your weight loss process into a habit that you can continue even after reaching your goal. This is the major reason why it is advised not to go overboard with the process. Do not do too drastic things in a bid to lose weight quickly. Do not aim at losing fat very quickly. To achieve sustainable weight loss, slow and steady wins the race.

  1. You don’t take nutrition seriously

Let’s face it, doing the 30mins aerobics and doing sets of bench-press all day long is easier for some than cutting off the late-night snack of forgoing that free pizza courtesy of a friend. It is true that an overly restrictive diet is also not the way to go if your trying to lose weight slowly and keep it off. However, a lot of attention should still be paid into what you eat. If I have to pick, nutrition is the most important aspect of losing weight. The reason you’re gaining weight in the first place is due to extra calories stored in your body that are not being used for daily activities. Thus, it’ll definitely do you some good to reduce how much food you consume and stop eating the things that you know would get you out of shape. It is counterproductive to stick to a bad eating habit while still going to the gym on your way to shedding some weight.


Now you know the mindset changes that you need to make in order to stop setting yourself up for disappointment whenever you get on any weight loss plan. Don’t expect something new while you keep making the same mistakes. Fix up now.

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