Why it is Difficult for You to Put in The Work Required to Get in Shape

why it is difficult for you to get in shape

I THINK everyone wants to be in shape. However, for some reason(s), some people can’t make themselves put in the work.

Instead of overcoming the inhibitions, many hold on to these ‘good’ excuses to hold themselves back from making the changes that they truly want, and in some cases, need.

Some are even oblivious of the reasons why they can’t seem to get their heads down to do the work required of them to get in shape. For these kinds of people, identifying the reasons why it is difficult to put in the work required to get in shape would be a good first step to making the needed change. This article sheds light on some of those drawbacks and how to tackle them. Let’s jump in!

Lack of motivation

Lack of motivation may be due to a number of things, some of which may be touched on as separate points later in this note.

A lot of times, lack of motivation to work out is usually just due to plain laziness or a lack of strong-enough resolve to get in shape.

Everyone experiences laziness from time to time, even the greatest bodybuilders. Discipline is what’s needed to deal with laziness. Actually, with discipline, most of the factors which would naturally draw you back would have nothing on you. Whenever there’s no motivation, discipline is one thing that keeps you going. You may want to read on more ways to combat a lack of motivation to workout.

why it is difficult for you to get in shape
man with a lack of strong personal resolve to get in shape

A lack of strong personal resolve on the other hand cannot be excused. It is something you definitely have to check first before deciding to spend your money and time on getting in shape. You must really want to make the change.

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The fear of having little time for other important things of life

As important as being in shape is, it is a little less important to some people. They want to have great bodies and may be ready to put in the work, but would not hesitate to put in on the back burner as soon as it starts to put the littlest constraint on their schedule for other.

For example, some people are convinced that building muscle, or generally getting in shape would get in the way of them making money. This is definitely not true and to be honest, it is a little ridiculous to think it to be true.

If you notice that your process of getting in shape is getting in the way of some other important things in your life, then try managing your time better instead of throwing in the towel.

Lack of money

Whether it is lack of money to subscribe at a local gym or lack of money to eat clean and feed adequately, lack of money could be a big hindrance to getting in shape. The way around this is improvising and planning.

Concrete weights and body-weight home workouts are very cheap alternatives to a proper gym. With plastic buckets as formwork (mould), cement, sand, coarse aggregate, water and metals (for handles), you could make yourself some dumbbells and barbells to build impressive muscle.

why it is difficult for you to get in shape
detachable concrete barbells

Also, by cooking instead of eating out, you can control what you fuel your body with without spending over the top. You can make a list of healthy foodstuffs that you need for your bodybuilding goal and try getting them in bulk (so it’s cheaper).

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Lack of time

People always make time for what they care about (that’s what they say). However, there are some people who literally have little time for themselves outside work. For these kinds, making time out to exercise is a big deal.

One way to salvage something from this sort of situation is by taking advantage of body-weight exercises to get fit. The advantage of body-weight exercises is that they have little restrictions of location and time.

Push-ups, squats, dips, lunges, sit ups, crunches, planking etc. are examples of body-weight exercises you can do almost anywhere and can squeeze into as little time as possible for higher intensity and time management. Read an article on how to complete 210 push-ups in 10 minutes.

Stress of work

How you manage work stress is crucial to your hopes of building an amazing body. After the day’s work, it could be a lot more challenging to work out as the zeal to work out may not be there anymore due to tiredness.

A way around this is working out in the morning before work. This may not be easy if you work in the city where you need to get up super early to beat the morning traffic, but it’s definitely an option.

Yoga, walking, meditation are things you can use to relax after work after which you can work out later at night with more energy. Check out this article to know the implication of working out at different times of the day.

Wrap up

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Like every other rewarding thing, getting in shape is not easy. It takes consistency, focus, and sometimes grit. The factors highlighted above make it hard for a person to get in shape.

Instead of succumbing to them, we should contrive to make a way where there seems to be none. We should overcome these obstacles and keep going till we reach our body goals.

Is there any factor affecting your plans to get in shape that hasn’t been mentioned in his article? Is there any of them you have overcome? Let us know in the comment section.

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